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 BERKANA USA is a part of the Family Life

         Hello! My name is Lana.  I am glad to see you on our website. If you here, you as and me like beautiful crystal things.

      Since the 1991st year, I and my husband Serge started our first Company after university graduations. Our preferences for high-quality beautiful products and business views allowed us to choose crystal products such as lighting, jewelry, and decoration for production and sales. We have become sole distributors of the greatest crystal factories Preciosa and Elite Bohemia. The Design and quality of Czech Republic manufacturers gave to us developing our skills, knowledge, and talents. 

Do You ask us why Berkana? This is a good question. Probably you know that Berkana (Berkano) is a one of the Rune. Literal meaning of this Rune is a Birth Tree - a symbol of fertility in quite. Berkana indicates a fresh perspective, a good start, a rebirth, or a burst of creativity. The energies of this rune are healing and life-giving. When I read this, I took this for the main idea on all our business activity.

        We are parents of 5 talented children. All of them help us to grow in business and have success. Also like we support them for their education and development. We are seeing forward and hope they will support and help others.

For us crystals and stones not only materials for production. A first, this is a product of Nature which we can use for decoration our life with graceful pieces. Clear crystal is a mineral that can be found on the Earth and named Rock Crystal. (Read more....) Sure for manufacturing all crystal things people use handmaking crystals. It is truly hard manual production but incredibly interesting. Every crystal piece still being created by handcraft men. First of them was Italian and Czechian craftsman

crystal is a product of nature preciosa

       There is only one place on Earth where over 460 years of glassmaking tradition, unique natural resources, and the love of glass come together. Original Birthplace of Bohemian Crystal is a Crystal Valley in the Czech Republic. The name of this county is Bohemia. More than 300 years ago, the Crystal Valley gave birth to Bohemian Crystal. Soon after came the first cut and polished stone in the world, the first majestic chandelier, and the tiniest of treasures, the glass seed bead. It was also here that man first created magical, sparking, ever-enduring crystal jewelry. The Crystal Valley is also Home to Preciosa a.s. (from 1724) and owns Czech Glass.   (Read more...)

chech sand.jpg

    The first glass kiln was fired up in 1548 in the midst of the natural splendor of the Czech Mountains. Since then, the uninterrupted tradition of fine glass craftsmanship has led to the creation of many companies. One of them is Elite Bohemia was established in 1996 as one of the first private companies of the chandelier production of the Czech Republic. Lighting fixtures of this crystal manufacture can be found elegantly lighting spaces throughout Europe, Russia, Asia, and now in the United States at Berkana USA. (Read more....) 

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crystal jewelry making by preciosa berka
cut crystals and stones by preciosa berk
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One other famous Czech factory is Preciosa. Our Company Berkana USA also present jewelry from crystals and stones of a wide variety of shapes, colors, and coatings. The high quality of Czech Crystal perfect processing and excellent utility properties are the reason that stones and crystals for silver jewelry are considered to be high-end products worldwide (Read more...). When you choose Jewelry Preciosa Beauty Crystals and stones it is a guarantee of the finest quality, 100% Czech-made product available only from Preciosa and their official distributor Berkana USA.

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Together with Preciosa Jewelry & Decoration, we can make customized fashion jewelry for women and men, also gifts and interior décor for any tasty. Contribution between Berkana USA and Preciosa Trophy & Award lets us created luxury individual business gifts and products (Read more...) 

WHY Berkana USA:

  • Local inventory (Miami, Florida, USA), USA & Canada, worldwide shipments

  • Best prices (retail and wholesale)

  • Wide selection of Czech Crystals and stones by Preciosa, Spectra Swarovski  and Premium Bohemian Crystal

  • Guarantied quality of the crystal products by 100% Czech-made factories manufactures

  • Experience Over 25 years of customer satisfaction of the products knowledges

  • Express delivery (10 days) from Czech Republic

Oversized Custom made crystal lighting fixtures by Preciosa

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