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Oversized crystal chandeliers

       Our oversized chandelier decorated different places such as a hotel's main entries, lobby, library, theaters, concert halls, church. Now we would like to share with you the information about Church's chandelier.

             Church's Chandelier called the most important, the largest chandelier of the temple, which is located just under its central place.

          Large chandeliers for any other rooms can have a free design, then the temple chandeliers, no matter what temple it is, are subject to strict canons:

    •  The chandelier must be multi-tiered;

    •  On the bottom of the chandelier there should be a large pendant - "golden apple";

    •  It is desirable to decorate the chandelier with a lot of small crystal pendants that multiply the rays of light, and create bright and festive lighting in the temple.

      With our online store Berkana USA you can buy a chandelier for temples or order the development of a chandelier according to your sketches.

      Chandeliers made to order are made at a factory in the Czech Republic, where every detail, starting from a small suspension, and ending with wiring, passes a multi-level quality control system.

        In addition, experienced craftsmen quickly and accurately gather the delivered chandelier in place, and securely fasten it under the place of the temple and mount the wiring. This work is not new to us - see what spectacular chandeliers for temples we have already created and installed.

          In a large reception room, a crystal chandelier can glitter its way through the heart of any guest you may invite over. The oversized chandeliers can also go into commercial spaces and bring a unique and special atmosphere. 

    Out of Stock items are typically delivered within 4-12 weeks depending on the factory's conditions and the sizes of the chandeliers.

                    Our service: installation, cleaning and maintenance program.

    Beautiful combo between modern and traditional crystal lighting here we see an oversised chandelier in a living room of a penthouse with especially hight ceilings.


    +1 (786) 972-7871

    This beautiful traditional crustal oversized chandelier is decorating the hallway of a commercial property
    These two oversized chandeliers are decorating and providing light for the entire church with especially tall ceilings | Berkana USA
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