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ELITE BOHEMIA is a lighting factory in the Czech Republic, Europe

One of the famous lighting factories of the Czech Republic is ELITE BOHEMIA was established in 1996 as one of the first private companies to continue the tradition of fine chandelier production. Founders of the factory are the same dedicated and knowledgeable craftsmen who currently manage daily operations and continue to maintain the highest standard in lighting production and design.

One of the finest and largest crystal chandelier producers in the world, ELITE BOHEMIA combines centuries-old Bohemian artistry, the finest raw materials to include trimmings from Swarovski, and the latest technology to offer unparalleled custom.

ELITE BOHEMIA can produce chandeliers, table and floor lamps, wall sconces, and other lighting fixtures to fit any taste or decor. With access to a wide variety of quality crystals, trimmings, and finishes, the customer is limited only by their imagination, creativity, and individual wishes. The Lighting factory offers a wide variety of affordable residential and commercial crystal chandeliers as well as custom-designed masterpieces. The lighting fixtures can be found in elegantly decorated spaces throughout Europe, Russia, Asia, and United States.

Crystal lighting fixtures produce utilizes the world's finest trimmings from Swarovski, can be made with Swarovski Elements or Specrta Swarovski trimmings. At the same time, the factory provides additional identification marks such as hologram label, company logo on metal mounting plates, crystal engraved pendant with company logo, certificate of quality, and of authenticity in the shape of the company logo.

Bohemian chandeliers are produced with a different quality of crystals:

- machine cut with a minimum of 30% lead content and traditional machine cut crystal pendants

- Spectra Crystal machine cut octagons and pendants

- Swarovski Elements machine cut octagons and pendants

The logotype of the company Elite Bohemia was created by a person who was very close to glassmaking. Academic painter Lubos Bucek created a logo which would tell at first glance where factory come from, and what quality production. For these reasons logo of the lighting, the factory is a crystal trimming and name ELite Bohemia communicates that it come from the Czech Republic and make crystal chandeliers of the highest elite quality.

Just as in ancient times, the production of crystal lamps is a manual and painstaking work of artisans and glassmakers. The creation of glass parts of the lamps takes place in the workshops where the furnaces work and the fire burns.


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