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Maintenance program

     We restore and clean super large crystal chandeliers adding more shine with crystal pendants and other components. Renewing chandeliers is a hard task but we make it easy for our customers. Just get in touch and send over a few pictures for your very own personalized affordable quote. 

Berkana USA provides services to clean your large chandeliers, restore or even remodel them. Simply chat with our team or contact us via the website and we would love to discuss restoring your chandeliers and the most practical options for you.


Maintaining large crystal chandeliers in commercial spaces is no longer a worry as you can book our annual cleaning services and never see your lighting fixtures dusty again.

First impression is everything for hotels, restaurants, residences and other public spaces. Don't let your clients down and show them how much your care about the appearance of your crystal lights. 

Large crystal Bohemian chandelier L117-2
Chandelier restoration, cleaning, remodeling

Custom made and Design of Lighting



Fixing / Repair

Bulb replacement

Missing part


All of this and other services included to the maintenance program of the commercial and residential customers

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