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Luxury awards and trophies

Berkana USA is in collaboration with CZECH Designers and Partners glad to present and create unique business gifts and luxury customized products.

trophy_02 parrot.jpg
trophy_01 prism.jpg

Customized Gift and Trophy

Our decorative concept allows  you to be unique and original. Your creativity and our capacity will give birth to a truly magnificent crystal creation.

maki interprises.jpg

Medals of City's, Sport and Business success

It is of high importance to reward someone for their accomplishments, we take that thought a level further by designing and creating crystal rewards and medals. Those rewards and medals don't need to be created from a template and the customer has complete creative freedom.

SP6_hockey championship 2015.jpg
football trophy.jpg
city's medal in gift box for presnt
medaile-LBC city.jpg

Our graphic designers gain inspiration from you to create a piece that will fit best in your surrounding environment. With that said, you will also have creative freedom when designing your piece.

Create own business sign or symbol!

When you looking forward to a big success of your business let know your potential customers, business partners and colleagues about it

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