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Bohemian crystal and Jewelry stones by Preciosa.

Bohemian Crystal is a unique materal, whose renown has existed since the 17th century.

The history of crystal

says that the world crystal comes from Greek where it means ice. the term was transferred to natural crystalline quartz, which was mainly ditinguished by its colorlessness, optical purity and hardness. This quartz was called mountain crystal.

The word crystal first appeared in the world of glassmaking at the moment when glassmakers succeeded in making truly colorless glass. This occurred in Murano (Italy) in the 16th century.

The productionof crystal glass was transferred to Bohemia at thte turn of the 16" and

17"centuries. However, the composition here was fundamentally changed, which led to yje creation of ideal crystal glass which was suitable for cutting and engraving. This internationally renoened glass known as "Bohemian crystal" long (for more than a century) constituted the absolute acme in international glass production.

Contemporary crystal

The crystal produced at Preciosa is the direct successor of the famous tradition of Bohemian crystal and it meets the demanding conditions set out in the EU directive on crystal glass.

When manufacturing crystal, Preciosa uses the unique Preciosa Hi-Pure Crystal technology which ensures that the products attain exceptional optical and aesthetic propeties.

The fundamental requirements for Bohemian crystal

Colorlessness is the main requirement for crystal. Anygreenish or yellowish tinges degrade it.

Brilliance, shine and purity are amplified by the cut and polishing. Crystal is especially sought aftr due to its excelent optical properties which give the products a high degree of quality. Preciosa uses modern technology developed at its own research institute to achieve perfect cutting and polishing.

Perfect quality this is precisely what Preciosa specialises in. The internal purity of the crystal, especially the absence of bubbles, stiae and other internal defects is important for achieving the perfect optical properies of the product. Despite the fact that it is not easy to achieve the aforementioned high quality crystal.

The emotion aspect of the crystal is the only type of glass which is understood as a designation of something sublime, remarkable, secret, pure and translucen, at the same time relatively accessible, i.e. in comparison with diamonds. For example: water poured from a crystal carafe seems much cleaner and more translucent than water poured from a reqular glass bottle.


A well as Bohemian Crystal, Preciosa also manufactures jewelry stones which it supplies to the market under the Preciosa CUBIC ZIRCONIA & GEMS brand. They are products of the highest quality, which are guaranteed to provide the optical purity of crystal, as well as precision cutting.

The most refined cubic zirconia stones display an optical star phenomenon, the so-called STAR EFFECT.


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