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Large crystal chandeliers

 Welcome to our lamp store with selection of residential lighting large and very large chandeliers made of high-quality materials together with crystal parts of Spectra Swarovski crystal. We happy to present collection of custom made lighting fixtures with your own size. Just take your type and try our lighting service!

Large crystal chandelier in a ballroom from Berkana USA
Large crystal chandelier in a hotel | Berkana USA
Large crystal chadelier ina hotel | Berkana USA
Large crystal chandelier ina commercial space | Berkana USA

Our clients choose this size of chandeliers for churches, dance halls, and ballrooms. Classical models with elements of colored crystal pendants are very popular too. Berkana USA will help you create a chandelier of any height and diameter. Unusually high ceilings can benefit from this selection! We will produce any chandelier according to available drawings or a picture. We are happy to work on commercial projects too and offer or help in choosing a perfect chandelier for a Hotel lobby or a Condo, for casinos and spas, for restaurants and town halls. All metal parts are coated to a high standard and include fixtures plated with 24karat Gold or Silver. 

  • Production time from 4 to 12 weeks.

  • Delivery in the USA 1 week

  • Delivery to other countries on request.

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