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Preciosa Jewelry & Decoration


The designer's idea lies at every beginning, at the genesis of a gift, decoration, or exclusive piece of crystal jewelry. The designer sets out his or her ideas in the form of a sketch on paper. A plaster model is then made on the basis of the best sketch and the designer then uses this model to fine-tune the placement, number, and size of the facets.

The fine-tuned plaster model is then measured and transferred to the computer systems, where a model is created with the precise dimensions necessary for the subsequent production. The unworked piece of glass is formed using various types of cutting and polishing equipment until the first flawlessly cut gifts or pieces of jewelry see the light of day. The product is finished once the individual parts have been stuck together.


From the beginnings of mankind, self-adoration and attracting the attention of others have both been present. The attempt to stand out, attract attention and be elegant exceeds political or cultural boundaries and it applies to men and women. It winds through generations and speaks a language that is comprehensible the world over.

Preciosa Beauty regularly follows the fashion trends and prepares new spring/summer and fall/winter collections, in which Preciosa's internal and external designers share the limelight equally.

THE LUXURY LINE allows you to enjoy your special moments

The Luxury Line is the flagship of the Preciosa Collections. Its designs are exceptional and original, full of brilliance and wonderful shine. It is designed for women who love noblesse and the feeling of uniqueness in the company of exceptional people.

The Luxury Line includes the special Studio Collection. Its designs are the work of selected designers who have endeavored to express female beauty and individuality in a unique way. The Studio Collection is designed for women who love less traditional producs.


The Luxury Line includes the Crystal Evening Clutch collection. This consists of elegant fashion accessories which are designed for special occasions. The individual clutch bags are handmade.

CRYSTAL TIME is a collection of luxurious ladies' watches.

A further part of the Luxury Line involves a unique collection of Crystal Time Luxury watches for women which have been created by means of the combination of two traditional Czech brands, PRIM and PRECIOSA. Both bards began their history in 1948.

The unique combination of the international renown of Preciosa's Bohemian crystals and the long watchmaking tradition of the PRIM brand is a guarantee of high quality and originality of women's watches.

The Crystal Time collection of women's watches is designed for women who love classic elegance enhanced with wonderful brilliance and unmissable sparkle.

The dazzling colours of the bevel made of Czech crystal in combination with cubic zirconia stones give the entire fashion accessory like crystal watches the right trendy look.


The Premium Line is a unique collection of jewellery that is distinguished by its delicate workmanship and unobtrusive elegance. These attributes have given this jewellery line a timeless character.

The Premium Line designed for women who like delicate elegance.


The Classic Line creates a gateway to the Preciosa collection. Its designs made of hypoallergenic metal, rhodium silver or surgical steel are full of colours, freshness and life energy. Their style is simple, yet refined.

The Classic Line is designed for women and girls who love life without prejudice, full of freedom, enthusiasm and freedom.


The Classic Line collection includes a collection of Glass Nail Files. They are patented glass nail files that are decorated with Preciosa cut stones.

The holographic symbol confirms the authenticity of the patented nail flies from the workshop of the Blazek Company which have a lifetime function guarantee. The Glass Nail Flies collection contains filers in two lengths: 90 mm and 140 mm.


The Premium Line collection also includes a men's collection which emphasises masculine strength., noblesse and elegance in an original and unconventional way.


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