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       A bracelet for women is an amazing jewelry accessory. A decorated wrist attracts views to your whole body and adds a sexual look. You know, or probably you guess, that the bracelet is the French word that means the wrist.  A bracelet is a piece of jewelry that was worn in ancient times by both men and women. The bracelet has three main meanings: jewelry, wristwatch holder, shackles, or handcuffs.

       The Bracelets are considered a magical accessory from ancient times. At that time people used accessories to show their status in society or influence the fate of a person. Now, if you take attention you can also understand a lot about women with the help of bracelets. Just look at the type, color, or material of the bracelets.

       How do you think, does it matter on which hand to wear women bracelet?

Experts believe that the right hand is capable of attracts various energies to a person. For example, the gold bracelet attracts the energy of the Sun, and with it joy and love. Silver is colder and depends on the Moon. It is also energy that can give strength. But they recommend taking off a silver women's bracelet at night time. 
The left hand gives off the energy of the owner. With Wearing the women's bracelet on the left hand you can block or give away different types of energy.  By choosing the right jewelry, you can get rid of the negative.
       On Which hand the women wear the bracelet goes an influence on the energy of the hands. Some jewelry can be worn on either hand without fear of energy. It is permissible to wear bracelets made of stone, wood, leather, crystals to your taste. 

      For everyday wear, thin chains or simple leather headbands are suitable. On a holiday, you can safely put on precious stones, and at work, you can limit yourself to twisted weaving made of gold or silver. The bracelet is not a simple Jewelry piece. Depending on which hand it is wearing, it can give happiness and take away negativity.

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