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A crystal chandelier and quality of crystals

Our clients have been asking us what crystal is and why are our chandeliers of such high quality. Crystal is a special type of glass, which contains various minerals and potassium. It is thanks to all those minerals that the crystal has that famous “rainbow” shine to it when exposed to beams of bright light. It is important to begin our explanation with the raw materials that are used to create the finished crystal parts. It is all down to the unique components selected at the production process. The timeline goes back to Middle Ages when crystal makers have begun adding a unique blend of minerals to the glass. Nowadays, we are using the natural raw material for the crystal which is found in the Czech Republic. Every single extra part for a chandelier, may this be a crystal arm or a crystal cup is produced by our specialists in grand factories with high heat ovens - glassblowing professionals. Using the same technologies as their predecessors over 300 years ago they give life to all crystal items. It is a beautiful sight to behold when one of such glass blowers is creating a masterpiece out of a small droplet of hot glass. Every item is created with love and care, handmade and mouth-blown. Until now the craft has not been transferred onto the machinery as it is simply impossible to be that delicate without complete human intervention.

The production of crystal chandeliers is a great undertaking even for our professional unique designs. And that in itself is a huge task. Any other 3D decor such as leaves, flowers, and pendants are created by pouring hot liquid glass into special forms and letting them cool. Once cooled these items are sent to be polished and decorated to achieve the final look. Even the smallest crystal parts are produced with the same precision as jeweler stones. We have a large choice of pendants, chandeliers, table lamps for our customers. A wide variety of crystal colors lets to creates a cozy atmosphere in the interior and corresponds with emotions.

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