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European Luxury Crystal Lighting fixtures from Europe for wholesale.

We are an official representative of the famous factories from the Czech Republic - The heart of Europe and the birthplace of glassmaking handcraft.

These lighting fixtures are made from high-quality polish Czech stones and crystals. Our clients appreciate European design and artist details. Our chandeliers take minimal effort to put together, everything is extremely simple from opening the box to lighting up your space.

We have the option to create multi-color parts for the lighting fixtures. Not just the cryst

Ceiling lighting flash mount with G9 lights for custom made

al pendants, but practically any other parts as well. Here is a link to the original ceiling lighting fixtures:


Ceiling lighting like this produced in light blue, red, or colorless crystals.

We do fast and most economical shipment to our customer. We send chandelier from warehouse by UPS, Fedex and DHL

We have a wholesale price list on crystal lighting, but without the delivery fee from Florida to our customer. We can send our lighting to right your clients regardless of their location using your shipping label. Fill out the contact form on our web-site for quickly answering the thought chat or contact page.

If the requested item is not in our possession in Florida then the manufacturing process will take 10 - 15 business days or a little more depending on the sizes and artist details. We can change the sizes of any lighting fixtures from catalogs, also change the color of finishes (silver, gold, patina), and create custom-made lights. They can be anything the client desires.

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