Romantic and femail pendant in Flying butterfly shape looks so amazing and natural. This pendant is so attractive to thoese women who like beauty and happiness in alive.

The color of the wings of butterfly can vary from pink and purpl to light blue. Purpl color help open the door of perception and bring garmony and love. Pink color in the crystals give gentleness and softness. Light-blue is expand trust and faith, protection and inspiration. thoes crystal   purify and stimulate self-assurance.

Now a crystal can change colors!


Material: silver AG925 / Rh, crystal

Color: silver, purple / violet


S: 19 x 16 mm,  L: 45 mm

S: 0.7 x 0.6" ,  L: 17.7"

Weight: AG925: 2.49 g

Pendant Magic Butterfly Silver Ag 925/Rh Purple vitrail light 6730 43

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