Lighting installation services for Home.

Our Company, Berkana USA, provides lighting installation services for contractors, residential and commercial requests. Professional installers do their jobs swiftly and leave everything crystal clear. We are happy to introduce our new project. Our lighting designer customized ceiling chandeliers with 9 LED lights. We changed the glass crystal color from clear to purple and received a modern flash-mount lighting fixture. We also received spare parts including crystal arms, twists and sticks. We provide multiple services, installation, electrical and re-installment. Installations can be difficult as many things can go wrong. Our professional staff could tackle any problems presented. Our staff are capable of setting up the electrical box, re-routing the wires and perform installations in short periods of time. The pictures you see above are just some of the procedure that takes place during the installation. Our staff are capable of finishing the job quickly with remarkable results and happy customers.

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