Crystal chandelier for new Home

Welcome! New project with lighting of privet Home at Kendall, Florida!

We a proud to introduce the beautiful crystal chandelier in flower shape for For the living room and have a customer who chose it by himself.

Crystal chandelier in the flower shape brings to the Home the power of nature, positive energy and perfection. The petals and leaves was created from clear smooth crystal with nature shape for better understanding that it is a beautiful plant with healthy energy.

Flower bud symbolizes potential development especially when the petals opening and grows outward from center.

This chandelier has a five leaves, and five petals that symbolizes the microcosm of human fixed in the extreme points of the five senses.

In total, crystal chandelier like this not only beautiful interior decoration of space but is a smart and work part of your home.

The installation process requested a professional view and some repair of electric box. We made special maintenance to use sloping hanging ceiling. Also It needed be careful about he hard crystal parts of chandelier for the living room.

I hope that the family of this privet Home will have more Happy, Love and Smile with new Crystal chandelier at the living room.

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