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How to clean the lampshades on the table lamp and chandelier?

Cleaning table lamp with white silk shade

How to clean your lampshade?

Throughout the days your lampshade collects unreal amounts of dust and stains. For a while, you can just ignore the dust, but while you are ignoring the dust it keeps pilling up into an eyesore. Now there are only 2 things on your mind, get a new table lamp or clean the lampshade of the lamp you already have. We will be happy to provide you with our service. If you still decide to do everything yourself then read our article more.

Whatever decision you chose to take, we will be ready to help and provide advice.

If you decide that you cannot let go of your so desired lamp then turn your attention to our advice on cleaning the lampshades, located below.

Now, before you begin, you need to figure out what material your lampshade is made out of. As soon as you figure that out you can begin the cleaning process. First, you have to remove the lampshade from the base of your lamp, next you have to carefully pick the lampshade and wipe off the dust with a soft cloth. Remove as much dust a possible before you proceed with the cleaning. Make a soft cleaning of all of the crystal parts on your table lamp. Be careful! If your lamp has a small crystal part like pendants, crystal strands, balls, or something else, then just take off it and rinse in the warm water with soap.

Supply for the cleaning

You are going to need:

-Soft cloth


-Soap or soft cleaning liquids

-A bucket or something similar to hold your water in place


Soap the lampshade

Ready? Let's begin!!!

Dry cleaning of lampshade

Lampshade Material:


-Pleated material

To clean this type of material you first have to get rid of all of the dust with the soft cloth. These types of lampshades can be washed by hand in cold water. Take a little bit of soap and mix it with the water in your bucket. Then proceed to wash it in "Up - Down" and "Forwards - Backwards" motions. After you finish washing everything off, take it out and splash it in some cold water. Next, just let it dry over a towel and you are finished.

NOTE: Any separate stains that didn't come off can be cleaned with lemon juice.

Lampshade Material:


To clean the glass shade you will need to lower it into ​your bucket, warm water filled with a little bit of washing powder. Take your soft cloth and proceed to wash all of the dust off the lampshade. Then just rinse it in cold water and let it dry over a towel. To remove other stains and lines off of the lampshade, soap your soft cloth. You can use a special liquid for the cleaning window, but we wouldn't recommend it. The Mix of the soap and water is better.

NOTE: For the stains and lines deletion you can also use a paper towel.

Lampshade Material:


To clean the paper lampshade you will need to just take a soft cloth and wipe off the dust or use a vacuum.

NOTE: If using a vacuum be very, very cautious.

Lampshade Material:

To clean the metal shade you will need to use a soft cloth to wipe off the dust. Take off the shade from the lamp. Rinse it in some water with soap in it with soft material. Then instead of leaving the lamp to dry, wipe off all of the water to avoid any extra humidification on it.

Lampshade Material:


To clean the plastic lampshade you will need to wipe off all of the dust with a soft cloth. Take half of a cup of warm water mix it with soap until all that's inside is bubbles. Take your soft cloth and wash off all the dust and leave the lampshade to dry over a towel.

If after your own cleaning session you are not satisfied with your work, call us at 786-972-7871 or by email, berkana.usa@gmail.com or by visiting our website at www.berkana-usa.com

Thank you for your time!!


Berkana USA

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