Incredibly light and elegant wall scones in conteprorary style looks gorgeous in any interiors. The 3 bulbs of it gives more shinny and rainbow lights to your space. The beautiful crystal wall light with swarovski elements catches views of every who attend your House. Also this silver crystal wall scones of the large size goes to the columns at the ballroom, on the wall at eantryway, library, work space, customer's zone, hall, SPA zone and in any places where you would like to emphasize the importance and gently elegancy atmosphere.

Large crystal wall scones with silver finishes and Mat/frozen bowl has a amaizing widht 18" and only 12" of high. The chandelier occupies theright space of the room and sets the tone for the overal sense of interior and hospitality. Wall scones with decorative crystal leaves especially good for the bedroom and near mirror.

Crystal chandelier decorated with a crystal leaves of the different sizes, decorative arms from smooth crystal and machine cutting of bowls with light white. 


3 light E12 40Wt

UL certificate

Color: clear crystal, light white

Finished: silver


in: 18' x 12'

sm: 45 x 30


kg: 3.5

pounds: 8

packing size:

in: 13 x 8 x 8

sm: 33 x 20 x 20

Wall scones N226/3/04 Mat N silver

SKU: N226-3-04 N Mat
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