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Necklace and earrings set Gemini from Classic Line of new fashion collection by Preciosa Beauty were created in combination with crystal diamond stones and astrology symbolism in shapes. 


According to Greek legend, the twins were step-brothers. When Castor was killed on one of their expedition, the immortal Pollux chose to live one day on Olympus with the gods and goddesses and the second day in the underworld with his brother.


Gemini Necklace excels in its minimalist design, which consists of fine steel surgical wings adorned with cubic zirconia. This jewelry set for those who love soft elegance. This fine set can be layered with other Gemini elements.


The Gemini constellation has the attribute constellation, fraternal love. The perfect position of his stars resembles two brothers, twins, whose love lasted forever. By reward, Zeus brought them to the sky. And that's exactly what the Gemini collection is.


Women set combinable to create perfect layered jewelry.


Colorless colors open the door of perception; gives unity with the Universe and transcendental love.


Material: surgical steel, cubic zirconia


Color: silver, colorless



in: 1.2 x 0.6'' L: 15+2.7"

mm: 31 x 14 L: 38+7 sm

Jewelry set necklace & earrings Gemini crystal hypoallergenic stainless steel

SKU: 733300-733400
$ 110,00Price
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