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Jewelry designs showcase the latest fashion in eye-catching rhinestone necklaces. These designs feature the brilliance of precisely cut stones sourced from Preciosa Bohemian crystals. Rhinestone accessories are no longer confined to formal events such as official dinners or theater outings; they have evolved into a fashionable embellishment for women attending afternoon gatherings, celebrations, and evenings out with friends. The PURE collection's rhinestone jewelry stands out for its elegant aura, thanks to its uncomplicated and refined design.


Crafted with sophistication, this exquisite necklace for women is designed to accentuate the chest with unparalleled elegance. Its tasteful design gracefully enhances the neckline, making a statement that seamlessly combines style and refinement. This piece not only adds a touch of glamour but also embodies the essence of grace, ensuring you radiate confidence and allure with every wear. Elevate your ensemble with this necklace that beautifully emphasizes the chest, promising a blend of charm and sophistication for any occasion.


Material: jewelry alloy, Preciosa crystals

Color: colorless



W: 156 cm / 61.41'

H: 83 cm / 37.67'

L: 44+7 cm / 17.36 ' + 2.76'

Necklace Jewel with Preciosa bohemian crystals

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$ 260,00Price
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  • The Purity of Preciosa Bohemian Crystal and Cubic Zirconia. Beauty in simplicity The PURE collection highlights the perfection of precision-cut and handcrafted Preciosa crystals. Preciosa crystal stones and cubic zirconia stones are seamlessly integrated into elegant minimalist designs within the PURE collection. These designs accentuate the brilliance and shine of the components used. The delicate PURE collection also pays homage to the purity and beauty of natural pearls, combining them in jewelry alongside delicate cubic zirconia stones. With the PURE collection, Preciosa expands its range of gold-plated jewelry in both glossy and matte finishes. PURE offers you earrings, necklaces, and pendants for every occasion. From bold, rhinestone-studded pieces to simpler, highly elegant items with precision-cut cubic zirconia stones and freshwater pearls. Adorn yourself with the subtle designs of pure shapes. In simplicity, there is beauty.

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