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Wall scones with gold color of the plaitad. It is created with Swarovski crystals in  style for cozy and nice interior. It is has a Nice shape of the crystal plates with gold plaited and combination of different types of crystal pendants and  strands. Beautiful handmade cutting created a unique drawing on the glass plates such a Venitian style of the glass work. Now the interior designer use gold color of the decoration and this wall scones can be good addition for contemporary interior of any space where you request light. 

This is a pretty crystal wall scones goes to the stair case,  hall, colomn, kitchen, hallway even to the closet and yet. Simple and shiny of the wall scones provide you with more rainbow lights of all space your home.


2 light E12 40Wt

UL certificate


Swarovski crystalls elements

Color of finish: gold


d 37 sm / 15"

h 32 sm / 13"



sm: 65 x 25 x 20

in: 24 x 10 x 8


5 kg

12 pounds

Wall scones gold N744/5/02S swarovski

SKU: N744502Sgold
$ 990,00Price
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