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This is a decor on a designer wiskey glass from Preciosa. The crystals you see are mineral coloured and shine with brilliance. You can buy this from one and only distributor at www.berkana-usa.com.

Crystal tableware set

What can you expect?

The crystal tableware from Berkana USA comes from large inspiration. Utilizing emotions we creating ideas in the craftwork to get the perfect product specially crafted for making happy everyone. The gift designed to amaze and keep the memory of emotions.

Below you will find our inspirations for your gifts. 

This is a collection of elegant tableware. Each glass can be purchased separately and comes in a set of two. The small crystals at the bottom are a signature look that will keep you happy for many years as it never goes old or out of fashion. You can purchase these at the only distributor www.berkna-usa.com online.