Wall scones in contemporary style with unique design of handmade crystal cuting with a combination of the clear and silver color of finish.

This wall scones decorated with the silver finish. Unigue design of glass work with the silver finish and big crystal pendants gives attention to the simple and lightness shapes.  The Elegance of the wall scones is emphasized by a handmade art glass work.

The wall scones goes to the living room, bedroom, near the doors or mirrow, even for the closet room. It is very good for the your lovely place: chare, sofa, beauty table, coffee table. This wall scones is a beautiful things for the decoration your interior of the home, spa zone, swimpool place and yet. Absolutely this wall scones is a outstanding things in your house. 


2 light E12 40Wt

Ul certificate

Color: clear crystal, silver

Crystal, Brass


14 x 12 in / 34 x 29 sm

Weight: 4 kg / 1.5  pounds


sm: 33 x 20 x 20

in: 13" x 8" x 8"

Wall scones crystal silver brass N 216/2/09

SKU: N218/2/09 N