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Blue crystal pendant with Sterling Silver is amazing. You will be perfect with Bermuda blue color. Bermuda Blue is a natural color of sky and water. It is meaning depth and stability.


The Blue color symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith, and heaven.


Triangle is a representation of the strength of feminine energy: mind, body, spirit. Pendant for women and girls in a triangle shape is a strong symbol of the feminine power, body,  and soul. The upset down Triangle is the oldest symbol of women and divinity. It represents a chalice, soul, and femininity that like water flows downward to bless and give life to people.


The Blue color is perfect for all types of hair, especially for blonde, grey, brown, and black.


The Triangle pendant for women looks amazing with the light blue, grey, and brown color of the eyes.



Sterling silver








S: 52 x 36 mm,  L: 45 mm

S: 2.0 x 1.4" ,  L: 17.7"

Blue pendant for women Veronique sterling silver in triangle shape good healing

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