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Necklace Thyra by Veronika


The beautiful and unique set of necklace and earrings are Preciosa flagships from The Studio Collection. It contains works of art by selected international designers which are designated for more demanding customers who want less traditional products. This collection has been created for women who want to express their feminine beauty and individuality by means of untraditional fashion jewelry.

This set combines the different types of crystals: the new technology of cutting and coloring cubic zirconia with stones from clear crystals. Thyra by Veronika has some shades of blue color, from light blue to dark blue and even black. Inside of the big stones, you can see a wild motive of nature. Inside of the blue cubic zirconia, you can see the illusion of the other stones similar to small eyes. 

The color of the Metal plated crystal parts can vary in shade. Surprise with uniqueness and luxury!



Necklace's size

S: 145x 135 mm,  L: 35 mm

S: 5.7 x 5.3" ,  L: 13.7"



Earring's size

S: 57 x 17 mm

S: 2.2 x 0.6"


Necklace Thyra by Veronika - Set - aqua

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