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Handcrafted Table lamp with a seashell shape from real crystal with really gold-covered and frosted decoration is combined with clear crystal, gold, and frosted colors. Beautiful and quality handcrafting let to create unique and luxury design of table lamp with seashell shape for the nightstand, bathroom decoration, SPA rooms, and relaxation zones just a soft reminder of a summer dream. This table lamp can become a true art and jewel piece for your interior. 


We created a collection of lighting fixtures for connection with nature and care about your positive energy. Calm shells symbolize the human soul, the light of the inner spirit, and deep knowledge. Thinking about softness and beauty, good positive energy, and natural healthy help keep your feeling and cozy home.  


Metal part surface: gold


Color of glass: crystal, opal, gold



in: d 11" x 5"

cm: d 34 x 18 sm

Kg:  2.2; Pounds 5 lbs

Number and type of lights:
1 LED G9 110V

UL certificate

In-line switch on cord

Simply change the bulb


Table lamp Sea energy LED lighting handcrafted

$ 2 700,00Price
Excluding Sales Tax |

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