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Premium Line of fashion  jewelry for women necklaces.

Beautiful and graceful Crystal pendant with blue cubic zirconia stone can reflects of the all color shades. 

Sterling silver pendant necklace Starry  is delicate. It catches the eye thanks to the high brilliance of the cubic zirconia stone of deep blue color. This crystal piece of real stone has a shine equal to a real diamond.  It is a perfectly polished and it is dominates with your other jewelry decoration.

The fashion charm pendant for women absolutely unique jewelry piece. 

Original and elegant decorations from Preciosa Beauty.

Cut cubic zirconia pendant with diamond glitter will makes you apart from the environment.
You have colored choice with preciosa stones which plays with you every time when it meet sunlight rays. 

Sterling silver pendant for women goes with a Gift packaging  and certificate of origin and can be great gift  for any occasions.
Suitable for everyday clothing and society

Material: Sterling silver, cubic zirconia 

Color: blue


Weight (Silver) : 2.5 g

S: 20 x 12 mm,  L: 75 mm

S: 0.8 x 0.5" ,  L: 30.0"

Pendant Starry Silver sterling silver blue cubic zirconia

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