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Crystal figurines of Scarlet Ibis manufactured by traditional glassmaking technology. Every produced item is an original.

Ibis meaning the soul, morning, aspiration and perseverance. This is a symbol of the sun and it very close to God of wisdom. This bird can be a amazing and original gift for Women and Men, same as their Home.

When Red Ibis sleeps it hide his head under the wing and resembles the shape of the heart.  The main symbolic of the Ibis is the wisdom. Beautiful red bird symbolizes in life and good for home decoration.  Ibis helps to bring happiness to your cozy home.

Put this figurines at the Living room. It is Brings tact and delicacy. In Egypt the ibis is a symbol of rising Sun and creator of light. 

Gift To kids of the Ibis figurines will brings happeness, peace and quite.

Gift To Women it will be  cracy, elegance and beauty. 

Gift To Men it is a talisman of wisdom.


Material: Crystal, Stones

Color: Clear Smooth Crystal, Pink/Red


190 X 125 mm

7.5 x 4.9"

Crystal Figurine of Scarlet Ibis. 1083 63

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