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Crystal Collection of animal from Czech Republic is unique. Every produced item of the big figurines by glassmaking technology it is original.


Power and Ranging Bull. Oax. Zodiac symbol of 2021 New Year.

Oax or Bull is a power symbol and
significant gift emphasizing the characteristics of overbearing, powerful nobleman. 

Bull is symbol of fertility, power, sexual energy also symbol godliness, royalty, natural forces of nature. His horns sign of the full moon. His body  - peace support.

Beautiful composition of the raging bull on the platform from whole part of frozen crystal like natural stone. Amazing grey color  brings natural view on the figurine. You looking on the Bull and feel his power and breath. 

Bull like a symbol of New 2021 Year gives good memory and knowledge to whom you wish good luck in business and life.

Material: crystal, stones

Color: mirrow grey


130 x 190 mm

5.1 x 7.5"

Figurine of Raging Bull. Gift. 1182 40

SKU: 1182 40
$ 400,00Price
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