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Pendant lighting with silver brass of the finishes. This is a long pendant created with Swarovski crystals in the contemporary style for a cozy and nice interior.

It is has a Nice shape of twirled by spiral crystal strands. Now you have a nice illusion of the shinny rainbow lights. 

Now The interior designers use gold and silver color for the interior.  Long gold pendant lighting can be a good addition to the contemporary interior of any space where you request light. This is ceiling pendant lighting looks good with the traditional Italian design or clear modern for any space. It is very pretty to the above of the night tables or to the hallway with the high ceiling. You can design your own combination with a long crystal lamp.

Customized pendant lighting by the colors of a covering can be silver or old patina gold too. Also, like sizes. For example, it can be short or long depends on your needs.

This is a crystal pendant lighting that goes to the ceiling of the staircase,  hall, second-level light, hallway. It can be combined with other sizes and consists of 3 or 5 pendants together for creating shapes twirled by spirals from crystal strands  Swarovski.

Long lighting fixtures are good for the living room or to both sides from the TV set and yet.


5 light E12 40Wt

UL certificate



Swarovski crystalls elements

Color of finish: silver



d 20 sm / 8"

h 135 sm / 53"



sm: 58 x 38 x 24

in: 23 x 16 x 10


5 kg

11 pounds

Pendant lighting long twirled Swarovski crystal strands

SKU: L746505Nsilver
$ 2 280,00Price
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