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Large crystal chandelier for the large staircase or entry space. It looks gorgeous for the dinning room. Gold finishes of the brass shine and gives more warmth to your home. Clear Swarovski crystal attracts views of everyone at your home. Large pendant lighting has an amazing combination of the different types of crystals such as octagons, sticks and prizms. You can see crystal ball on the bottom of the pendant chandelier.

This pendant lighting is strong, all-sufficient and stylish deseveses attention of you and main place at your house.

24 lights 40W E12

Color of the finishes: gold

Material: clear Swarovski crystals, brass



d 80 sm / 32"

h 105 sm / 41"

Packing size: 

sm: 70 x 70 x 90

in: 28 x 28 x 34


kg: 27

lb:  60

Pendant lighting gold L740/24/05 S gold finishes Swarovski

SKU: L7402405S
$ 7 800,00Price
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