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Crystal Animal Collection.

Peacock Beauty is a new in 2018.

This is Bird Symbol  stunning in its beauty at your home. From ancient times considered that the Peacock is manifestation of the celestial Phoenix on earth. The Peacock's eyes are a symbol of fame and goodluck, gives power to the protects and awarness.

This is a nice figurine from cuttung crystal with Beautiful combination of Coloring smooth crystal, silver decoration and Blue cut stones. This crystal, which has been cut in the same way as precious stones using the cutting edge technology of the 21st century.

It is brilliance, perfection and fantasy.

Individual designs have been created with a combination of hand working and machine cutting.


Material: Crystal, Silver, Blue Stones

Color: cut clear crystal, Blue smooth and frozen crystal, Blue


100 X 170 mm

4 X 6.7"

Crystal Figurines. Animal Collection. Peacock Beauty 0790 70

SKU: 079070
$ 620,00Price
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