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Necklace Libra with cubic zirconia stones is with classical drop shape from Premium Line collection of Preciosa Beauty.


Silver Libra Necklace is with delicate design, which forms the colorless cubic zirconia stones. Its perfect workmanship and appearance will appeal to women who love subtle elegance. It can be worn alone or in combination with Libranecklace. The interconnection of individual jewels will create an original jewel that will highlight feminine perfection.


Perfectly shimmering jewelry, whose design resembles portions of ancient scales, could not find the image in anything other than the Libra constellation. This symbol of justice was used by the goddess Astraea to judge mortals on Earth. Accuracy and precision are the main features of good weights, and this is how the Libra collection can be described.


Colorless, white, or violet these colors open the door of perception; bring unity with the Universe and transcendental love. 


The Necklace is good for gifts, brides, parties, and every day!

Material: Silver AG 925 / Rh, cubic zirconia stones

Color: silver,  colorless cubic zirconia 



in: 0.9 x 0.7 L: 15+2.8"

mm: 24 x 17 L: 38+7 sm

Weight: AG 925: 2.9 g


Necklace Libra cubic zirconia diamonds stones Sterling Silver

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$ 100,00Price
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  • Just as individual constellations are created by the breathtaking interconnection of different stars and shapes, the Crystal Sky jewelry is designed to be layered and combined. Right now, the world of fashion is dominated by individuality and distinctive style. This creative combination of different elements perfectly expresses the personality of every woman. This distinctive jewel will perfectly tune your outfit.

    With Crystal Sky you have the starry sky at your fingertips.


    -Combination of cubic zirconia and rhodium-plated silver

     - Popular teardrop design jewelry

    - Jewelry suitable for daily wear and for the company


    Company Preciosa is a purely Czech company that has been operating on the market for 70 years. Preciosa is a continuator of the excellent glassmaking tradition in northern Bohemia. At present, it belongs to the world producers of Czech crystal.

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