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Symbolic pendant from Premium Line collection of Preciosa Beauty produced from surgical steel and has chain 17.7".

The packing includes 8 textile mats that can be scented with your favorite perfume and placed in the medallion. This medallion will release your favorite scent throughout the day.

Traditionally, the Tree of life - a symbol of immortality, creation, and life. The Tree represents the wealth of life in the Universe with defensive and life-giving functions. The roots of the Tree are underworld in the water. The Trunk is an Earth and the branches reach heaven.


Pendant Perfumed Tree of Life suitable for everyday wear.


You can use favorite perfums on the mats and change its

Material: surgical steel, cubic zirconia, textile mats

Color: silver

Color of the pads: red, pink, purple, blue, green, black, white, yellow



in: 1.0 x 1.2, L 17.7"

mm: 25 x 31, L 45 sm  

Medallion Pendant Perfumed Tree of Life A symbol of Well-being 7301 00

SKU: 7301 00
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