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Rose Gold women's pendant Magical Aquatic is an amazing pendant on a long stainless steel chain of 29.52". It looks perfect for any dressing and style.

With an original pendant with Czech stone, made of quality steel, the women's jewelry piece will captivate you with the magic aqua green color of the GENUINE CZECH Crystal in natural crystal shape.

The green color of the crystal very good for the Heart Chakra. This color associated with the Fourth Chakra. The Green color symbolizes health, prosperity, and abundance. The fourth chakra is associated with the skin, the action of one’s hands, and the Thymus gland. Crystals help to open and balance chakras for a good feeling and energy.


If you like a unique necklace, this one is for you.

Get carried away by the magic of Preciosa jewelry. You'll love unique designs at a glance.



Stainless steel, Czech Crystal by Preciosa



Rose gold, Aqua green



H 1.41" W 0.47" L 29.5" 


Weight: 12g

Women's gold pendant Aquatic with long chain stainless steel hypoallergenic

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