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Swan. Crystal Large Figurine. Smooth mouth-blow smooth crystal with the small cut crystals stones inside. 

        The swan is a traditional symbol of beauty, purity and grace. A Gift shows and emphasizes faithfulness in love.  This is bird of life and it combines the elements of air and water. In Chinese culture, the swan is a symbol of Yang.  The bird is generally symbol of freedom.

        Beautiful handmade blowing of crystals create amazing Gift and gorgeous decor.  It is not easy to express an inclination, friendship or love for somebody in such a way so that everything says: "I love you! I care about you!"

         Swan is an ancient and comprehensive image.

The swan continues to arouse admiration for its amazing beauty, grace and wise character today. These birds settle only where peace and tranquility is present, coming from the Earth and people.

        Swans are often compared to the Sun as they bring love, purity, generosity and the blessings and healings of all ailments. Brahman, the highest deity of Hinduism, was depicted riding a swan. This is how people wanted to emphasize the truth and righteousness of his path.

      We know many legends of different parts of the world about swans and their magic powers. This bird is not just a noble bird, but is portrayed as a multi faced symbol.  Personifying all the best qualities a person can endow such as, wisdom, spiritual purity, and chastity. In addition, the ancient people of the world endowed these birds with prophetic and magical powers.

       Overall, swans symbolize the best personality traits of a Human; they can portray the best quality of an individual, truly magnificent.

      A swan is a symbol of strength of spirit and faith, capable of supporting a loved one, as well as a symbol of loyalty and mutual assistance, a symbol of meaning legacy.



Material: Smooth Crystal and clear crystal stones

Color: Clear crystal color 


145 x 130 mm

5.7 x 5.1"

Big crystal figurines. Large Swan. 1395 00

SKU: 139500
$ 395,00Price
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