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Large silver Chandelier with the 100in of tall and 80 lights!

Exactly Good size for big space. Our oversized chandelier is good for the church, ballroom, concert hall, wedding salon, hotel, restaurance and yet.

It is Unique and elegance. Look at it's lines. Big crystal pendants covered the every arms with the crystal bells like a dresses. It is Beautiful and Elegancy. Chandelier with silver finish and  with crystal pendants gives to us understanding of good taste for the affordable price. Crystal large chandelier is Gorgeous and exciting. It is brings to your space more shiny and healhty energy. It is like a Young beautiful Ledy with the wedding dress. It is exellent decoration of any interior of any space, if even it will ballroom, eantryway, stairscase, lobby, church and yet. Oversized chandelier in traditional style in silver has a 3 big stories plus 1 small with bells and 60 arms of each decorated with big pendants and handmade crystal parts. On the bottom of the large chandelier you can see a wave from crystal strands and bells. Bells has a good meaning for the clear and openning of the space. The row from the Amazing big prisms finishs beautiful chandelier.

The crystal bells from handmade cutting helps to creates high point chandelier, also as a crystal flowers ctting on the plates. Big handmade cut crystal bowl on the bottom of the gold super large chandelier is hard and symbolic. It is mean like a full bowl of happiness at your Home.

Absolutely unigue chandelier. It is Good point for any interior.

Turn us to the history of Life in Palace. This chandelier exactly copy of traditional europen style. You can to start history of your Family Home. 



80 X 40W E12

UL certificate

Material: crystal pendants, crystal bells, crystal strands, handmade crystal parts, brass of silver finish

Color of the finish: silver

Quality: High

Size of box:


Size of Lighting Fixtures:

in: 79 X 100

sm: 200 sm X 253 sm

Weight: 330 lbs / 149 kg

Large crystal chandelier "Berkana L744/60+20/02S" silver finishes

SKU: L744602002Nsilver
$ 30 440,00Price
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