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Chandelier with the beautiful combination brass and crystal will be great for the interior of not large home for the kitchen, dinning room or entry way with not high cieling cause the high of this chandelier 16" only!

For The conteprory interior the design now use the decoration with iron pieces of brown color. This chandelier has a same color of finished and the crystals parts that decorated brass. The crystal spare parts unique qnd has good quality of machine cutting. Its produce from smooth clear crystal. Look at the pictures. The smooth hard plates on the 6 arms, also its on the top and buttom of the brass chandelier. The crystal strands connected all parts of chandelier on the center like the all member of the Family can to sit for the dinning table.


6 light 40Wt E12

UL certificate

Material: brass and crystal

Color of finishes: It. patina, old gold


D 56 sm / 22"

H 41 sm / 16"


4 kg / 8.8 pounds


sm: 58 x 38 x30

in: 23 x 15 x 12



Small crystal chandelier "Berkana L917/6/03 Pt" brass finishes

SKU: L917-6-03pt
$ 970,00Price
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