Joie de Vivre - The joy of life

This is symbolic gift for Everebody or amazing decor for home.

Fine professional work of the Designer Jitka Rysava and Team of handcrafts will not leave you indifferent and will attract attention of all.

Composition of Twin of Humming birds with beautiful purple flower on the banch from the smooth crystal with clear stones inside shows tenderness and quivering care to your Love, Life and Laugh. Humming bird demonstrating beauty and easy, power and energy.

Those small birds brings to you goodluck and well-being, aslo gives more sexual energy.

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The bird - symbol of soul, flight, aspiration to the sky and absolute freedom. Humming bird never sit on the ground. Say this to whom you make a present and Let to strive for new victories and do not give up!


Material: Crystal

Color: Purple, green and clear crystal


150 x 140 mm

5.9 x 5.5"

Home Decor. Gift's Collection from the crystal. Joie de Vivre. 1370 70

SKU: 137070