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Beautiful and Elegancy Crystal chandelier with silver finishes attractive view of each over. The incredibly lightweight design of large crystal chandelier with 12 bulbs creates romantintic atmosphere.

This chandelier good for the living room, bedroom, even dining zone like a decorative and practical elements at the Home.

And one important moment about beautiful chandelier:

You can install it at any space with any clolors of interior, because clear crystals takes colors of the interior off and smooths its. 


12 Light E12 40 Wt

UL certificate
Color of the crystal: Clear

Color of the finish: Silver

Type of the Crystal: Classic Bohemian

in: 31 x 30

sm: 78 x 76

Size of packing:

in: 30 x 14 x 16

sm: 76 x 36 x 40


pounds 31

kg 14

L140/12/02 N crystal chandelier in silver

SKU: L140-12-02N
$ 1 610,00Price
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