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Miniature of crystal figurines. Charming Blue Elephant Calf. 

Adult Elephant - ancient power, strenght, royalty.

Blue Elephant brings Good luck. It on of all main symbol of Feng Shui. The figurine of Elephant at Home change the life for the better for his owner.  

As a Chiness symbol, the Elephant is considered a symbol of Happiness, longevity, good luck. Some Asian cultures also believe the elephant is a cosmic creature and carries the world upon on it's back.

Gift for Each who order Goodluck and joy. Even a small elephant can brings trust, love harmony and warmth into the house. Put Miniature figurine on the central space at your living room and catch the positive energy that called the energy of Qi. Elephant Literally attract good luck to the house, just as a real living elephant draws water with the help of a trunk. That is why the trunk should be raised.  

Crystal Collection of miniatures.

Collect the Elephant's family with our store with size, color and mood. 


Material: Cut stones, black stones

Color: clear, black and Blue


52 x 37 mm

2 x 1.5"

Elephant Calf blue. Baby boy gift newborn. Gift idea. Complimentary gift

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