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A Beautiful oversized and elegant 24 lamps of traditional bohemian crystal chandelier suits tall ceilings or large spaces.

This is a Nice crystal chandelier for the Ballroom, the Entryway, or even the Lovely bedroom for the Queen and King. A large crystal gold chandelier in classic bohemian style has luxury looks for an upstairs hallway or second-floor hallway lighting.

This chandelier can be smaller from 4, 6, 8, 12, and 18 lamps. It gives a possibility to create a shiny combination of bigger and small chandeliers. Another option for you is a color of finishes: gold or silver. 

This is a gorgeous crystal oversized chandelier for the amazing classic interior. Big clear crystal pendants have a good quality of cutting that gives a rainbow of light to your room space. This chandelier can live even after being turned off, cause all parts of it catch the rays of any light. Crystal clear gives more positive and healthy energy to your home.

 It looks beautiful in the hallways or staircase spaces, great for the big living room, ballroom any space for the surprise of your guests. Love your space!


24 lights E14  x 40 W

UL certificate

Material: brass, crystal

Color: Gold, colorless crystal

Crystals: Original bohemian crystal



in 41x35
cm 105x90

Crystal large gold chandelier for living room, upstairs hallway lighting

SKU: L130/24/01 S gold
$ 5 635,00Price
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