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Crystal chandelier in contemporary style in gold finish with a smooth crystal parts of the machine cutting.

This is chandelier has good size for the not high ceiling: Only 16" in tall! But 24" in the diametr.

The cutting crystal smooth parts and clear crystal gives visual value and ease view. 

Chandelier in modern bohemian style  from the smooth cutting crystal will be great for the home interior. It is good as for the kitchen or breakfast table, dinning room, as for the living room, even for the decoration renovation interior of the fairplace. 

For The contemporary interior the designer now use the decoration with shiny shiny pieces of the gold color. This chandelier has a same color of finish. The crystal spare parts unique and has good quality of machine cutting.

This not large crystal chandelier brings elegancy beauty to your home. The smooth clear crystal hard plates on the 6 arms gives more lights to your space. The combination of the straight and soft lines gives grace and beautiful looks to the crystal chandelier. On the bottom of the modern chandelier you can see crystal bowl  from the massive crystal glass that gives understanding about hard Venitian glass work.  Crystal chandelier in this shape you can combinated with your lovely table setting things. All of this beautiful crystal glass pieces can create amazing combination together.


Absolutely this chandelier is a outstanding things in your house. 


This chandelier can be produce with silver finishes. Just gives to us notes about that and ask quote by email: berkana.usa@gmal.com


6 light 40Wt E12

UL certificate

Material: brass and crystal

Color: crystal clear,  gold

Color of finishes: gold


D 60 sm / 24"

H 40 sm / 16"


4.5 kg / 10 pounds


sm: 58 x 38 x 30

in: 23 x 15 x 12

Crystal chandelier L674/6/07 gold crystal Swarovski

SKU: L674607gold
$ 840,00Price
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