Silk white Mays Necklace decorated with gold color from stainless steel ring and stone which was produced with special new technology by Preciosa Beauty in containing 24K gold. Gold and white is a classic combination for creating royalty-styled pieces.  Gold is an integral part of crystal stones.  Brown Leather fringes 70 mm/24"


Stainless steel


W2.4'' x H4.8+2.8" ; L15.7'+3.1'

W 60 mm x H 120 mm+70 mm: L 40+8 sm 

Silk Mays Necklace with leather brush Stone 24K Gold & White stainless steel

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  • Main part of a  jewelry piece is a stone. Every crystal stones from Crystal Ground collection is an original. Some of them enriched with 24K gold.

    The range of colors is dominated by gold in combination with earthy and sunny shades. The collection also present lamp beads which bring toghether a harmonious marriage of Bohemian crystal and 24K gold. As a result every hand-made lamp beads has a distinct structure.

    Stones with a cracked effect are so beautiful. They was produced with a Special technology. The cracks  enhance the luster the beads when they are exposed to light.