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Crystal Chandelier of the silver color in Traditional Bohemian style is a great decoration of any interior. With the crystal chandelier your space gives cozy and warm in the atmosphere. Now you understand that you in home with a beautiful chandelier at the living room and can relax. A Bohemian chandelier helps creates elegancy interiors. Also it is very good for the bedroom, guestroom and relax zone. The crystals gives more positivity and health energy. Crystal chandelier for dinning room above dinning table connect all member of the family toghether. Silver crystal chandelier on 8 lights can be awesome and elegance additional  to the large chandelier. Buy crystal chandelier and start your Family History.  

This gold  crystal chandelier works good for the not high ceiling space. Only 21" of high!



Machine cuted crystal

8 light E12 40 Wt

UL certificate

Color of the finised: silver

Color of the crystal: clear


d 70 sm / 28"

h 54 sm / 21"


58 x 38 x 30 sm

23" x 16" x 12"

Crystal chandelier "Berkana L102/8/02o C" silver finishes

SKU: L102-8-02oCsilver
$ 1 600,00Price
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