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Bohemian crystal chandelier in blue color decorated with gold and handmade painting is a soft elegance accessory for home interior. The original style of the chandelier makes it more attractive. 6 lights crystal lamp sit perfect with a middle room a 20" of the crystal lamp let install chandelier even if your ceiling not so high. 24" chandelier makes right sizes of traditional lighting. Crystals from Bohemia, Czech Republic are quality. 

The softness of the Sky blue color gives the same as handmade flower paintings giving a more emphasized charm to your space. 


Material: crystal

Color: blue, gold, clear crystal

6 lamps

UL certificate


60 x 50 sm

24" x 20" inch


Blue gold crystal chandelier handmade painting gold 6 light bohemia

SKU: L504/6/33 gold blue
$ 2 445,00Price
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