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Collection of the Crystal figurines. Gift. Giraffe. Baby Giraffe.

Giraffe is an elegance and graceful spirit animal. The long lean legs symbolizing 4 pillars of excellence in life. Giraffe takes soft and fresh leaves on the tree, that symbolize trying to find the best in life and in health.

Giraffe has a magic means. His neck is very long and it is between land and sky so close to stars. We can to say about a rising star in the field of infinite diversity of life.

The same like giraffe you can have vision to see that want you do tday and the movements you make creates your tomorrows. Look into the horizont! Put your attention. Move slowly and deliberately. A Giraffe is always aware of danger.  You must lean be careful to avoid danger and ambush by those who may want to bring you down, Just as a giraffe. Use focus, intuition and instincts. Lean to keep watch, to protect your interests and the interests all of your circle.


Best idea for the symbolic and smart gift for young teenagers. 


Material: crystal cut, stones

Color: Clear crystal, yellow


50 x 82 mm

2 x 3.2"


Crystal figurine. Gift. Baby Giraffe. 1046 61

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