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Crystal animals collection of Figurines.

The White horse with power of Freedom from Preciosa Beauty is a nice and meaning gift for Everybody who have will to live, aspirations and eccentricity.

White Horse is a symbols of intelligence, wisdom, nobility, light, dynamic strength, agility, speed of thought, time runnin. This is a typical symbol of fertility, courage and powerfull power.

All of this meaning make this fiurines like a significant gift. Great and unique gift.

Andalusian hourse is a famouse breed in the world.  This hourse was represented in the stables of most Europen monarchs and natable nobles. The motion of Andalusian horse are a very special and spectacle. Their cource is extremely high by nature - there is such an impression that the horse dance.


Material: Smooth Crystal and clear crystals stones

Color clear crystal


190 x 210 mm

7.5 x 8.3"

Crystal figurines. Andalusian Horse. 1162 00

SKU: 116200
$ 300,00Price
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