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Crystal chandeliers 

for the dining room, entryway, living room, bedroom, girl's room, and any place at Home

     What breathes new life and creates true magic in every interior?! That’s right - beautiful lighting, the kind that become a signature design feature and adds an extra charm to any décor! “BERKANA USA”  knows it all about the mesmerizing power of light! That’s why we are dedicated to provide you with spectacular high-end lighting fixtures and large-sized chandeliers, as well as making the whole process of selection, customization, delivery, installation and maintenance easy for you.

      Berkana USA presents to you exquisite European quality lighting fixtures, influenced by Italian design and crafted from authentic Austrian and Czech mountain crystals, Swarowski crystals, and high-grade brass. 

       “BERKANA USA” symbolizes renaissance and striving for growth. This special energy and the fact that lighting, like the sun, serves as a heart warming key point in any room, is the inspiration behind “BERKANA USA” and what we desire to give to our clients. 

     Please check our new collection and make your selection, or custom order the perfect chandelier that will bring an outstanding effect into your environment and reflect your own personal style!

crystal chandelier by Berkana usa.JPG
dinning room crystal chandelier 12 lamps

        Our crystal lighting is great for any room. We offer a wide variety of Crystal Chandeliers as well as custom designs for the most affordable prices. The History of Crystal Chandeliers began in the Heart of Europe - in Old Bohemia, now known as the Czech Republic. That is where our factories are located.

      The blowing, hand painting, and cutting techniques are still used to this day to create these beautiful and magically attractive crystal lighting fixtures. Minerals are used to add color to crystal and keep it fresh and crispy for many years. Start creating your own family home story with these authentic crystal chandeliers. 

Out of Stock items are typically delivered within 4-6 weeks.

This beautiful crystal chandelier was a custom made project design for a residential property. This chandelier looks perfect in the living room.
Contemporary crystal chandelier over the dining room table provides enough light to lit up the room and allows for a friendly and receptive atmosphere for anyone who dines beneath.

      Lighting for any type of household. Big open room spaces are on our online store pages. Here you can find chandeliers of any sizes and quantity of lamps (3 - 24 lamps) .

HARMONY 1_8_00 N-Tu (picture).jpg

    Delivering the finest fixtures worthy of a truly elegant home is Berkana USA. A trusted distributor of Preciosa Lighting and Elite Bohemia products, we supply an exceptional array of oversized crystal chandeliers, crystal jewelry, and indoor crystal décor at terrific online rates. We ship fixtures, accessories, and bohemian crystal chandeliers in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Houston, and all over the United States, Canada, and South America. From one-of-a-kind crystal wall clocks to custom made chandeliers, we provide trinkets and pieces crafted to premium standards and offered at competitive retail and wholesale prices. 

    Berkana USA involves a professional executive team holding over 15 years of collective experience in curating the most magnificent selection of crystal chandeliers, pendants, earrings, figurines, and so much more. Our inventory includes pieces set with Swarovski Strass and Spectra crystals as well as those encrusted with first-rate bohemian crystals. UL certified, our products are available in an extensive mix of designs, accessories, and lighting fixtures produced to add a touch of luxury and charm to any outfit, living space, or property. 

     Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers in New York, Boston, New Jersey and all of the United States. Our ever expanding collection primarily features lighting of various settings, colors, and styles. These classic and oversize crystal chandeliers are ideal pieces whether you’re out to embellish your home, restaurant, or hotel lobby. In addition to such fixtures, we also offer wide range of crystal décor suitable as accessories, jewelry, or gifts.

     Browse through our online store and buy now.

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