Whisky sets of two glasses and one glass stopper.Original design and black picture of muzzle of a bear individual charactere of this whisky set. The glasses from clear crystal are unique.This sets goes with nice grey box with white silk cover and 1 glass stopper of hiqh quality for keep quality of your whisky.Yacht accesorisess for table setting. Bar accesorisess. Glasses for short. Gift for Him.

Bear is a symbol of bravery, force, kindness, good luck and victory.

Design by Frank Grinart.


Gifts. Whisky glasses.


Whisky glasses

Material: crystal

Color: clear crystal, black


85 x 80 mm

3.3 x 3.1"

Glass stopper

Material: crystal

Color: silver, clear crystal


32 x 29 mm

1.3 x 1.1"

Whisky Set of two glasses. Muzzle of a Bear. Stopper. 1377 40

SKU: 137740