Colored Crystal Chandeliers

Most Crystal Chandeliers are produced from colorless crystal glass. Lighting designers use colored effects with using crystal trimmings, pendants, chains and other parts of the chandeliers in different colors. When we think about colors for interior decoration of the any space as we see them we rarely ever think of their meaning. We created this article special for whose who would like to create intricate interior design that is well thought out and specifically fits everything in its surroundings.

Newton's experiment with a light spectrum shows to us nature origins of the colors. Others gave to us even more interesting facts from another 20 year-old study “Learning of Color” explores the psychological impact of color on people when it comes to the various of the colors. Now we can to express our inner powers towards our mental state with a color. Our craftsman of crystal chandeliers and crystal experts tell us that the various colors emitted by mineral colored crystal may be one such possibility as a form of a personality statement.

White color is a symbol of the openness, ability to listen, realism and predictability.It is universal and never compromises any other pigments.

Black is a remaining of psychological defenses, stubbornness, strictness and mystery. People who prefer black colors are quite self-centered.

Yellow color is an ability to lower down the impact of negative emotions on us more than any other color. People believe that yellow is a color of a good mood.

Red color is a symbol with confidence, activity and stability. People like red color. They will mostly react in a positive and engaged way with this color.

Green is an ability to repairs and revitalizes us, it gives us a sense of clarity and tranquility. It is known that green color tones leave people relaxed and comfortable.

Light blue is the color of dream-like serenity. Light blue sky and light blue water will always cause the most warm and happy feelings within us.

Blue helps us concentrate on things that are important, it will always be chosen by people who are trustworthy, reliable and have strong personalities.

Purple is a color evokes our naive natures, our need for support, comfort and peace. It is a color of creativity and it suits active people who some can refer to as dreamy.

Pink is a symbol of our youth and the feelings of nostalgia for our childhood. Sentimental people who have an ability to experience a wide array of emotions will find this color most admirable.

When we produce color of crystal glass we add special minerals. It is gives us possibility to create the hardest and the shiniest crystal glass. The colors never fade no matter how long they are present. We think that colors specially register into our minds with more than just a pretty color, but also with their meanings to us. It makes us feel certain emotions, makes us remember certain people or places from our lives.

Certainly, if you know the meaning behind each color and use them to your advantage, you will be more knowledgeable at the fashion game than many!

Berkana USA is able to manufacture crystal chandeliers of any color of your choice. Our factories use the latest technologies available to achieve the brilliant vibrant colors of crystal that will last you for many years to come! Thank you for spending some of your time with us today. We are looking forward to hearing from you!!!

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