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Do you want to install Lighting fixtures for the high ceiling? No Problem! You find us.

Two weeks ago I had a call from the owner of High Point restaurant from West Palm Beach, Florida. He requested want services for high ceiling chandeliers installation service. In his restaurant is a really high ceiling and he requested chandeliers installed.

My answer was: "No problem! We are experts in high ceiling chandelier installation. We provide you a light lift and can work on any high! We make installation and then can serve your restaurant with our service such as cleaning of chandeliers and maintenance for lighting fixtures."

The installation process of the ARHAUS lighting fixtures was taken place 15ft above ground (5.5 meters). Our Installation Specialists installed in this beautiful place 5 days only and finished electrician and installation work early. We hold professional gear, workers, and tools for completing installation chandeliers for any private and commercial projects. Our Company Berkana USA completed this job with 58 different sized chandeliers in the new restaurant with the highest quality food. This Customer was happy! Now He is on the one step from Grand Opening!

Installation services for any private and commercial projects of South Florida Berkana USA

We provide customers the best possible installation service.

We have many grateful and satisfied customers on the coast from South Florida such as private residences, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, commercial properties. We are happy to help you!

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